Dental Assistant Vs. Medical Assistant

Education and Career Differences

Dental Assistant Vs. Medical AssistantStudents who want to become a dental assistant or a medical assistant may have many questions. They may not be sure which career choice is the right one for them. This is a valid concern as choosing a career choice is also the same as making any other life choice. This decision can be weighing down on them as it is a very important decision that will impact them. They want to make sure they will choose a career choice that they will enjoy and that will make them happy. Dental Assistant Vs. Medical Assistant: Education and Career Differences. There are many of them but some of the basics and main differences are below.

Dental Assistant Vs. Medical Assistant:

Education and Career Differences. Let’s discuss them here.

What are the career differences between dental assistant and medical assistant positions. Read them below:

The field where they work.

Dental assistants work under a dentist in a dentist office and medical assistants work for other healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, etc. Medical assistants usually work at doctor’s offices, hospitals, or urgent cares.

  • Dental assistants don’t normally do any administrative tasks while medical assistants do complete this type of work.
  • Dental assistants work more directly with the patients while medical assistants do more inside the patient’s room but they don’t usually directly work with the patient.

What are the education differences between a dental assistant and a medical assistant. The differences are listed below:

  • Most dental assistants only need a high school degree while many of the medical assistants need on the job training or sometimes they even need certification or certain program requirements

This doesn’t mean there aren’t programs for dental assistant because there are. Someone who wants to further their education and career can choose to go to specialized dental assistant programs. These programs can be as short as six weeks and go as long as two or four year. Of course, the longer programs allow someone to learn more about the field and gain more experience. There are also internships that may be available or even volunteer work that can help you get the experience that you need. Also, it is not set in stone that medical assistants need a certification. Some healthcare jobs require this certification while others don’t require anything more than a high school diploma. Most medical assistant positions do require at least some experience or education though.

So why choose one assistant job over the other?

This decision is completely up to each individual person. Some people are just drawn to one field over the other while others would like to perform certain duties that one of these assistant jobs has that the other one doesn’t. Many people would like to work more directly with patients and with the dental assistant job they can do that. Others choose to go for the administrative tasks or cleaning and the medical assistant job allows them to do these tasks.

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